​​Africa All Mode International DX Contest
​​Africa All Mode International DX Contest
​Presented under the Auspices of The South African Radio League
​Welcome to the AFDX Contest Website
​AFDX Team
​Founded in 2015, the AFDX contest is designed to promote amateur radio operation from the African continent and encourage DX interest in working AF stations during the contest.

​The concept of this contest was born out a group of like-minded DX enthusiasts in South Africa recognising the fact that the continent of Africa did not have its own international DX contest.

​ZS6C Geoff, ZS6A Pierre, ZS6RJ (now M0ORD) Roger, ZS6WN Karel, and ZS5J John were the principal founding members of the AFDX contest.

​However, the final shaping of the contest was very much an open-forum affair, with the concept being socialised out to many amateurs via organisations such as the South African Radio League, where input and suggestions were discussed on the SARL forum and played an important part in shaping the final product.

The team welcomes any input or feedback from amateurs around the world. Simply click on the contact & downloads button on any page to send an email message to the Contest Manager, with the option of signing up for newsletter updates as we move towards the next contest.

​The inaugural contest was run in 2015. There was much positive feedback, but also a request for our fledgling contest to select a different weekend or start time to give due deference to a longer running UK RTTY event.

After much consultation a new home was found date-wise and the second AFDX contest took place from 1200 UTC 17 September to 1200 UTC 18 September in 2016. A very positive increase in activity and number of returned logs was experienced.

​The contest is currently run under the auspices of the South African Radio League, with ZS6C Geoff doing duty as the overall Contest Manager both for the SARL and the AFDX contest. Geoff has spent a lot of time contacting amateurs in Africa to encourage them to be active during the contest period.

M0ORD (also ZS6RJ) Roger handles website content, hosting and design, sponsorship and certificate printing & posting.

ZS6A Pierre spends many hours on the technical side of the contest in terms of UDC creations, log corrections and the points scoring and mults methodology , which is evolving as the contest matures. 

The whole team in conjunction with ZS6WN Karel and ZS5J look after the rules and consult on any material changes to the contest.

The website is planned to incorporate upload features for cabrillo files and a robot providing feedback to email addresses for the third contest in 2017. The look and feel of the site will also continue to evolve over time, so check back regularly.

​We hope you enjoy both the website and operating in our contest as it continues to grow in popularity!
​Geoff, ZS6C
​Pierre, ZS6A
​Roger, ZS6RJ (M0ORD)
​Karel, ZS6WN
​John, ZS5J